Teambuilding with Teens (Book and CD Rom)

Teambuilding with Teens (Book and CD Rom)

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Leadership isn't just for a chosen few. All teens can practice the skills and attitudes leaders use. The 36 hands-on activities in this book make learning about leadership meaningful and fun while building character. Teens are called on to recognize each other's strengths, become better listeners, communicate clearly, identify their values, build trust, set goals, and more.

Each activity takes 20-45 minutes, so adults have a lot of flexibility in deciding when and how to use them.

This book can be used as a supplement to the author's Building Everyday Leadership in All Teens or on its own. Teambuilding with Teens includes everything you need at your fingertips:

  1. Background information,
  2. Materials lists,
  3. Step-by-step instructions,
  4. Discussion questions,
  5. Ideas for extending the learning,
  6. Resources,
  7. Reproducible forms, and
  8. Guidelines for teen leaders.

36 easy-to-use, engaging activities arranged by topics and learning concepts so you can readily fit them into your curriculum or program. Active, creative learning experiences incorporate role-plays, discussions, simulations, building projects, writing exercises, and games.

Flexible format: Use the activities in any sequence. Conduct as few or as many activities as you wish. Use them on their own, within an existing curriculum, or as part of a character education, conflict resolution, service learning, school-to-work, or leadership program.

Teambuilding with Teens is a complete resource to use in classrooms, after-school programs, community- and faith-based organizations, camps, youth retreats, student council meetings, athletic programs, and advisory groups. The included CD-ROM (for Mac and Windows) features all of the reproducible forms from the book.