Foster Parent Training Collection
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Foster Parent Training Collection

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2019 Inventory Sale Item

Experience the fun and enthusiasm of foster parent sessions with this collection of some of our best activities. The manual you have been waiting for has arrived!!

Experience the fun and enthusiasm of foster parent sessions with this collection of some of our best tried and true training curricula. Each of the ten curriculum topics is geared towards helping foster parents develop the skills and knowledge necessary to help youths live more self-sufficiently. Foster parents will appreciate the insight! You will appreciate a ready-made curriculum.

Each session is broken into a 2-1/2 hour interactive training to help foster parents, volunteers, and mentors learn how to assist youths transitioning towards self-sufficiency. The ILR Foster Parent Training Collection provides step-by-step trainer instructions along with reproducible participant handouts. The first section offers instructions/ideas for using the curriculum and how to involve foster parents as trainers. The last section outlines how trainers can develop their own individualized foster parent session given specific group needs. Other sections include ten curricula on various topics.


  1. What is Independent Living? 
  2. Teamwork for Youthwork
  3. Finding Teaching Moments
  4. Adolescent Development: Stages not Ages
  5. Helping Youths Make Decisions
  6. Living Arrangement Options
  7. Assessing Young People and Liking It!
  8. Say What? How to Communicate with Youths
  9. Work Experiences for Every Youth
  10. Locating Youth Education and Training

*NEW* - Now "Foster Parent Training Collection" is Available in Electronic Format  

Best Use: Foster parent trainers, staff development trainers, licensing staffs 

Audience: Foster Parents and similar caregivers